Goals and expected results.

The project aims to promote innovative solutions and pilot new and economically viable solutions to address selected maritime challenges and opportunities by creating a "Blue Growth Incubators Network".

Also, the project aims to:

  • Provide support to enhance the technological development and innovation.
  • Provide support to transfer scientific knowledge.
  • Strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of maritime and coastal SMEs, including safety and working conditions improvement. 
  • Protect and restore the aquatic biodiversity. 
  • Strengthen marine and coastal ecosystems.
  • Promote innovative, competitive, sustainable, and resource-efficient aquaculture based on knowledge and technology.
  • Develop professional training, new professional skills, and lifelong learning for the market's evolving needs in the "blue economy".

Expected results:

  • Operation of a "Blue Growth Incubator" in each participating region.
  • Elaboration of "Blue Growth" strategic plans for each participating region.
  • Assessment of the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems for each participating region.
  • Ideas evaluation for the "Smart port of the future".
  • Implementation of activities to raise awareness on maritime and coastal priority issues. The activities target local bodies (public and private) and the public.