The project

The Transnational Cooperation Project "Blue Growth Incubators Network" concerns the cooperation of 7 European coastal regions to create a Blue Growth Incubator Network, with the aim of the sustainable development of these regions through actions across the spectrum of interconnected "traditional" as well as "emerging" sectors, related to seas and coasts.

The "Blue Growth Incubators Network" is implemented by five Greek and one Bulgarian Fisheries Local Action Groups in the framework of the implementation of the CLLD/LEADER Program, 4.3 / Priority 4 of the EPALTH 2014-2020, with the co-financing of Greece and the European Union.

Lead partner of the project is the Attica Islands Network of Municipalities. Project partners are the following: Parnonas Development Company, Thessaloniki Development Agency, Kavala Development Agency, Messinia Development Agency, and FLAG Burgas -Kameno.

The project's total budget amounts to €185,000, of which €170,000 is allocated to the Greek partners and €15,000 to the transnational partner.

The project is divided into four Working Packages (WP):

  • WP1: Preparatory phase
  • WP2: Coordination - Project management
  • WP3: Creation of a Network of Blue Growth Incubators
  • WP4: Communication - Awareness of the project